Wildwood, Florida - Est. 1877

Redevelopment Projects and Programs - Order of Priority
The projects and programs of the Redevelopment Plan are designed to solve the underlying problems that have a blighting influence on the CRA, satisfy basic needs of the general public, or take advantage of opportunities for economic, social or aesthetic improvement. The following projects and programs have been identified as essential projects for revitalizing the CRA and have been developed into detailed project sheets. The list below generally presents the order of priority based on the recommendations from the City of Wildwood.
  1. Establishment of the Downtown Area
  2. Upgrade Existing Utility Lines and Fire Hydrants
  3. Improvements of Right-of-Way
  4. Create a Building Renovation and Relocation Program
  5. Provide Housing Assistance Programs                      
  6. Develop Landscape Architectural Guidelines
  7. Provide sidewalks/ paths for residents without vehicular access
  8. Install Pedestrian Streetlights along all roads
  9. Develop a Master Drainage Plan
  10. Intersection Improvements
  11. Develop a Parking Plan

The following project sheets provide detailed information including project descriptions, participants involved in implementing the project, time frame for programming in the budget, and preliminary costs. The project order is preliminary in nature and the City staff along with the CRA Board will initiate projects based on the amount of available funds. Preliminary proposed costs and timelines may also be revised at the time of project initiation. These sheets will provide guidance to the CRA Program Coordinator when organizing the implementation of each project and program, and when establishing the annual CRA budget.