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2013 City Limits
2013 City Limits

The Development Services Department is charged with management and coordination of the planning, zoning and development functions of the City of Wildwood. The Development Services Director is Melanie Peavy.

The Development Services Department shall coordinate all land development activity in the City, responding courteously and efficiently to all customer needs with proactive planning practices based on adopted state and municipal regulations and statutes. The department conducts the review of new development projects and renovations, reviews and makes recommendations for rezoning, conditional use, variance, site plan and subdivision applications. These applications are reviewed for completeness and compliance with the Land Development Codes and Comprehensive Plan.

The department also prepares and presents cases and requests to the Planning and Zoning Board and City Commission. The Development Services Department addresses questions from the public and other government agencies about the City's land development rules and procedures, assessing water and wastewater impact fees, and distributes building and site plans among City departments.

Typical Daily functions performed by the Development Services Department include:

1. Assisting the public with questions on the use of land on issues such as zoning, land use, the city's comprehensive plan, impact fees and the development approval process.

2. Processing small and large scale comprehensive plan amendments to comply with applicable state regulations.

3. Amending land development regulations for current issues and consistency with the comprehensive plan.

4. Reviewing applications for consistency with the future land use map and comprehensive plan.

5. Reviewing site plans for consistency with City ordinances such as zoning and subdivision regulations.


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