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Street Lights Needing Repair

If there is a street light on your street or in your neighborhood that is need of attention, such as the light is burned out or it stays on all day, stays on all the time, flickers, or cycles on and off please let us know by collecting the following information:

  • Write down the numbers that appear on the light pole.
  • Provide the closest address to the pole.
  • Whether the light is out, stays on all day, stays on all the time, or cycles or flickers.
  • Your name and phone number in case we need to re-verify a pole number or other information that you have provided. 

Call this information to Public Works (352-330-1343, ext. 201) or bring it to the Utility Department at City Hall and we will contact Progress Energy or Sumter Electric Cooperative to report the information for repair. 

It takes up to two weeks for the repair to be done unless it is a major problem.  

If it has not been repaired by then, please re-contact us and let us know.

Please Note:  If a light is on private property and paid for by an individual or business, the City cannot have it repaired; it is up to the property owner to report.