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Information for Developers

Water & Wastewater Capacity

Please click HERE to get a brief synopsis of our current capacity levels for municipal water and wastewater services. Please note that this report is for informational purposes only and makes no claim or guarantee of capacity for any particular project and should not be construed as a promise to serve a project. For more information regarding getting municipal services to a development, please contact the Development Services Department at 352.330.1334.


Prior to any utility commitments, the property owner is required to enter into a Developer’s Agreement with the City.  Said agreement would specify costs, timetables for delivery and Pre-Annexation (Agreement) for voluntary annexation if and when the city limits gets extended to the property and said annexation is legally possible.

In this agreement, the property owner shall provide the City with reasonable estimates of flow.  These estimates will be used to calculate both the water and wastewater Transmission Infrastructure Extension Fees (TIE) and Connection Fees.  As a base, the City compares the estimates of flow to the equivalent of what a single family home would use (ERU).

The TIE fees are a funding source to pay for not only the utility lines to the project, but also to refund the city for utility lines placed into the master system to interconnect the water treatment plants, wells, lift stations, wastewater treatment plants, effluent disposal sites, etc.  This fee is based on distance from the nearest well site for water, and nearest treatment plant for wastewater.

As an example, a developer would submit a Concurrency Determination Application to the City asking if services are/could be made available to a particular property. In this application, the developer certifies how much flow or amount of ERUs will be required of the development. 

City staff then measures the distance from the project site to the respective facilities.  Effective October 1, 2015, water TIE Fees are $657.41 per ERU for every 15,000 feet the property is from the nearest well site.  If the property is less than 15,000 feet, the developer will pay a percentage of that fee.  If the property is more, the developer pays the extra percentage. 

Effective October 1, 2015, wastewater TIE fees are $720.45 per ERU for every 15,000 feet the property is from the nearest wastewater treatment plant site.  Again, if less distance the owner pays less and vice-versa. 

Connection Fees pay for the hydraulic share of the facilities required to service that development.  This means the capital improvements associated with providing the service (treatment plants, wells, effluent disposal, etc.).  Connection Fees are a set fee not based on distance, but are determined on how much volume treatment is required.  The fees would be those in effect at the time of execution of a Developer’s Agreement.  Effective October 1, 2015, they are $1,140.34 for water and $2,420.25 for wastewater, per ERU.

Per Section 19-9 of the Code of Ordinances, the extension (TIE) fees are due with the execution of the Developer’s Agreement and fifty (50) percent of the Connection Fees are due at that time.  The next twenty-five (25) percent is due as each building permit is pulled, with the final twenty-five (25) percent due upon the issuance of the individual Certificate of Occupancy.

The Developer's Agreements are approved by the City Commission.  If the TIE Fees do not reflect the entire cost of the line extension, the City will deny service to the project, absorb the balance of that cost, or enter into a Reimbursement Agreement with the developer similar to the Impact Fee Agreements Sumter County has with The Villages. 

This method has enabled the City to extend utilities to the annexed areas without having to bond for payment of these extensions.

The continued maintenance of these improvements is included in the base rate of the customer’s utility bills.


Single Family Home:

Parks and Recreation $244.22
Law Enforcement   $284.12
Total $528.34


Police$0.34 (Sq. Ft.)

The City is currently looking at imposing future impact fees for schools, roads, and stormwater management.

The City of Wildwood has taken the necessary steps to ensure that growth pays for itself.  This foresight will ensure that roads, schools, and utilities will not only accommodate existing residents, but will be sufficient for future residents as well.

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