Wildwood, Florida - Est. 1877

Industrial Wastewater Program
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection Agency regulations require an Industrial Pretreatment Program be in place in any community that has an Industrial Contributor; of which the City of Wildwood has three (Coleman Federal Prison, Okahumpka Stainless, and Charlotte Pipe). A fully licensed certified Industrial Pretreatment Technician administers and oversees the program. 

The Industrial Pretreatment Technician is licensed by the Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association, holding a B license in their Industrial Pretreatment Certification Program, Our technician also holds a Fats, Oils, and Grease Management Certificate, and is a licensed Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator.

The program duties include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Responsible for technical work in monitoring, evaluating, enforcing and overseeing all aspects of the City of Wildwood’s Industrial Pretreatment Program.

  • Responsible for monitoring, evaluating and enforcing community compliance with Federal, State and City environmental control regulations and ordinances.

  • Responsible for conducting technical investigations of reported environmental violations, documenting results and issuing Notices of Violations if required, per FDEP regulations and report any violations to the proper agency (FDEP, Compliance Officer, etc.) and perform any required follow-up.

  • Inspect grease trap installation for new restaurants, assisted living facilities, rehab facilities, etc. prior to their opening for business and approving or disapproving the installation.

  • Visit new businesses, communicating to them Federal, State, and City environmental regulations to help them meet FDEP and City of Wildwood Sewer Use Ordinance discharge limits. This also includes filling out information sheets for new businesses, discussing IW programs with owners/managers, leaving “Proper Grease Trap Pumping” information and “Good Kitchen Practices” hand-outs with restaurant owners/managers and answering business owners questions regarding the IW program including surcharges, billing questions, grease trap questions, etc.

  • Maintain all records for IW Program as required by Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

  • Responsible planning, organizing and coordinating environmental inspection activities as required for yearly inspections of all Significant Users and non-significant users within the City of Wildwood per FDEP regulations.

Industrial Wastewater Program Surcharges

Surcharges are based on the user’s discharge of wastewater to the City collection system that contains pollutants whose parameters are in excess of normal wastewater. It is based on water usage along with the concentration of the pollutant in pounds. Surcharges at this time are assessed on two parameters: COD (450 mg/L) and TSS (250 mg/L). For more information see City of Wildwood Sewer Use Ordinance # 02013-05.