Wildwood, Florida - Est. 1877

Future CRA Projects

The following projects and programs have not been developed into detailed project sheets; however, they will be included in future updates to the Redevelopment Plan, which are expected to occur on a regular basis, but not to exceed every five years.

  1. Renovate historic buildings
  2. Demolish the dilapidated commercial buildings along the corridor and replace with multi-family housing or an alternative use
  3. Maintain the cleanliness and appearance of U.S. 301
  4. Acquisition of land to be used for recreation
  5. Corridor Signal Timing Analysis
  6. Create incentives for new housing to augment the redevelopment of existing homes
  7. Construct a community park with facilities for all ages central to the CRA
  8. Establishment and enhancement of the existing transportation system in coordination with road improvements
  9. Renovate and expand public facilities as needed

The City may choose to create and implement other beautification, revitalization, or redevelopment programs not covered in these above listed projects. These projects can be created as needed to assist in improving the CRA Expansion.