Wildwood, Florida - Est. 1877

Form of Government

The form of government of the City of Wildwood is known as "the Commission-Manager plan."  The City Commission makes up the governing body with powers as provided for in the City Charter to pass ordinances, adopt resolutions and appoint a chief administrative officer to be known as the "City Manager," and to exercise all other powers provided for by the City Charter.

The City Commission consists of a Mayor-Commissioner and four Commissioners, whose terms of office shall be for four years; all of whom are elected at large and qualified as prescribed in the City Charter.  Their terms of office begin on the second Monday in January following their election.

The City Commission shall have the power to pass ordinances, adopt resolutions, appoint such officers, boards and commissions by resolution as is provided in the City Charter and to exercise, all other powers provided for by the City Charter and federal, state, and local law.

The City Commission conducts its meetings in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order except as may be amended from time to time by resolution or ordinance.