Wildwood, Florida - Est. 1877

City of Wildwood Community Redevelopment Agency - General Information

On March 13, 1989, the Wildwood City Commission passed Resolutions 388 which made a finding of necessity for a Community Redevelopment Plan and Program (the "Plan") and Resolution 389, which created a Community Redevelopment Agency pursuant to Section 163.357, Florida Statutes, and appointed itself as the Community Redevelopment Agency of the Municipality for the purposes of carrying out the Community Redevelopment Program and Plan.

On January 27, 1997, the Wildwood City Commission passed Ordinance 298 which established the "City of Wildwood Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Trust Fund" (the "Fund") in accordance with the provisions of Section 163.387, Florida Statutes, with the stated objective to finance projects within the Community Redevelopment Project Area (the "Project"), utilizing the monies and revenues paid into and earned by the Fund for all and every Community development purpose delegated to it by the established Community Redevelopment Plan (the "Plan") and as further provided by law.  The Fund is to exist for the duration of the Project programs or until legally terminated by ordinance.  Said monies are held by the City for and on behalf of the Agency and distributed to the Agency in accordance with a separate agreement with the Agency.

On September 26, 2006, the Wildwood City Commission adopted the LPG Urban & Regional Planners, Inc. Finding of Necessity report via Resolution 932 and affirmed that the Wildwood City Commission would continue to serve as the Community Redevelopment Agency, including the newly expanded areas; expanded the boundaries of the CRA via Resolution 937, while adopting the modified Plan and extending the sunset provision to September 26, 2036; and modified the City's CRA Trust Fund via Ordinance 483, which set the base year for the expanded CRA area to the tax roll of 2006 and affirmed the base year for the then-existing CRA as the tax roll of 1996.  The Wildwood Community Redevelopment Agency operates under Chapter 190, Florida Statues, as its uniform charter (also known as "Uniform Community Development District Act of 1980").

CRA Boundary Map

Contact Information:

Melanie Peavy, CRA Administrator
100 N. Main Street, 2nd Floor
Wildwood, Florida  34785
(352) 330-1334